• Next Generation Nano Sensors

    Pico Sensors labs is a nanotechnology-based sensor company

  • Gas and Analytes Detection

    State of the art technology

  • Superior Sensitivity

    Nano level and lower

  • Smaller Dimensions


  • Intelligent Data Layer

    IoT systems coupled with analytics SaaS platform

About Pico Sensors Labs

Pico Sensors Labs LLC develops and market next-generation Nano-sensor systems and platform. Pico Sensors Labs is a Massachusetts based company founded in 2019 to develop and market nanotechnology-based sensors for sensing and detecting analytes (chemical/biochemical). Our nanotechnology-based gas sensor can provide low-power, high-sensitivity, and low-cost portable tools for in situ chemical/biochemical/gas detection in many different sectors with various applications.


To be a leading company in the nanotechnology-based sensor sector while providing state of the art products.

Innovative Approach

Cutting Edge Technology

Integration capability with intelligent devices and systems, IoT systems coupled with analytics SaaS platform (Intelligent data layer).

Global Application

Petrochemicals,Building automation, Process industries,Automotive, Robotic platforms & Drones,Smart Cities

Easy Deployment

Cost effective solution with ease of deployment

Lower power consumption

Nano Watt level power consumption

Smart Cities

Smart cities adopt novel technologies, especially nano sensors, to manage cities of the future. Smart cities are increasingly using sensor technology with IoT platforms to constantly gather data and perform analysis (by intelligent algorithms) on those data to create a better and healthier environment for their residents.

Drones & Robotic platforms

Drones are increasingly using gas sensors, tailored to the specific needs of a customer segment (e.g., precision agriculture, environmental monitoring).

Process industries & Petrochemicals

Process industries, oil and gas, refining and petrochemical industry are increasingly using gas sensors to detect toxic, inflammable and combustible gases.

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