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Nanotechnological advancement has made a great contribution to the detection of chemical analytes. Nanomechanical sensors have emerged as an extremely high sensitive technology for the detection of chemical analytes. The versatile application range of nanomechanical sensors in different industries such as chemical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, environmental, food and beverage, forensic, manufacturing, security and defense has been crucial to the development of next generation sensing platforms. Our newly devised ultrasensitive nanomechanical sensors can be used for detection of wide range of chemical and biochemical agents in gas-phase. The main drawback of existing sensing platforms is related to their higher cost, bulkiness, lower detection limit and slower response time. Nanomechanical sensors offer faster response time, greater sensitivity, improved portability, lower cost of fabrication and operation, and scalability. Our nanomechanical sensors provide less complex system. It also consumes less power and eliminates the need for extra peripherals, components, and devices. The primary benefits of our sensors are integration with Micro/Nano electromechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS), microenvironment exploring capability, smaller size, and higher functionality.